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inHarlem: Rudy Shepherd at Jackie Robinson Park

by Welcome to Harlem

rudy-shepherd-at-jackie-robinson-parkinHarlem: Rudy Shepherd brings to Jackie Robinson Park the most recent of the artist’s series of sculptures created to dispel people’s feelings of racial prejudice, violence or ordinary disdain by opening them to more compassionate aspects of their personalities. Created from wood, metal and colored concrete at larger-than-human scale, Black Rock Negative Energy Absorber will be inaugurated with a ceremony featuring the artist and musical collaborators Brian Alfred, Elia Einhorn and Christof Knoche. Both the performance and the sculpture are intended to generate positive energy and dialogue in a rapidly changing neighborhood. Enter Jackie Robinson Park through the 148th Street and Bradhurst Avenue entrance to find inHarlem: Rudy Shepherd.

Cost: Free

Jackie Robinson Park
319 West 145th Street
New York NY 10039 US

This exhibit will be in the park until July 25, 2017

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