Home featured Christian Cultural Center C3 Choir / Mr. Reed / Boots Step Team / DJ Styff – June 26, 2016 | 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Christian Cultural Center C3 Choir / Mr. Reed / Boots Step Team / DJ Styff – June 26, 2016 | 4:00pm – 6:00pm

by Welcome to Harlem

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C3 Cultural Center

C3 is an innovative movement born out of a desire to serve an ever-evolving generation of youth. “At one time the Urban and Suburban experiences were uniquely different…what youth are exposed to, is not limited by their location,” says Pastor Jamaal. This belief led Pastor Jamaal to coin the phrase “Surban,” because “Technology has created a blending of the urban and suburban cultures.” C3 has grown from the dream of a judgment-free youth environment to a culturally relevant entity. Over the 5 years that C3 has existed, they have ministered in places such as Texas, New Orleans, Guatemala, Singapore and Jamaica just to name a few. Setting their eyes on a new endeavor, C3 created the C3 Music Group (C3MG). C3MG seeks to produce groundbreaking music that promotes the values of progressive Believers. From this visio comes “Release Me,” a compilation of music representing C3’s multicultural membership and influences. The album features rock, pop and hip-hop sounds providing a well rounded musical experience.

Mr. Reed

Mr. Reed brings the Recession Free Music Tour, with his ten piece band included, to his hometown of Brooklyn, after a month long tour of Europe, for his first headlining performance for Brooklyn’s SummerStage at Betsy Head Park on June 26th, 2016. Mr. Reed has performed on the many great stages of New York City, including within his hometown of East New York, Brooklyn. Mr. Reed represents a new era of artist, as he has built much of his following through unique viral social media campaigns that have involved him performing in public spaces all around the world and then posting these viral videos to his facebook and youtube pages. Some of these videos have taken place in Paris, France; Amsterdam, Netherland; and even on the  subway platforms, of New York City, as an effective marketing tool to gain attention for his work. Mr. Reed has acted in, written original music, lyrics, score, and co-written treatments for commercials for major brands such as Gillette, and Guitar Center Mr. Reed is a touring artist getting ready to release his live album, Mr. Reed Live from Recession Free Music: Brooklyn. He is performing in New York City, across the country and globally to build support for its release.

Boots Step Team

Reggie Alvarez is a step dance choreographer, trainer, youth leader, missionary, and teacher. Through his missionary travels from 1999 to 2003, Reggie has helped to establish over eight multicultural step ministries in over five countries in Europe. Today, under the vision of Dr. A.R. Bernard Sr. of The Christian Cultural Center, Reggie leads “Boots Step Team,” one of the largest in-demand step ministries in New York City. Boots has ministered for the Gospel Superfest, TBN, Battlecry at the Izod Center, and most recently, performed as the first Christian step team at Carnegie Hall.


More Info: http://bit.ly/24JNuDq

Location Details

Betsy Head Park<!– map –>
865 Thomas S Boyland Street
Brooklyn NY 11212 US


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